Clinton and Trump: Tale of Two Leaders

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, according to their voices and speaking styles, have quite different personalities. In my analysis of their acceptance speeches, I’ve found traits of neuroticism and emotional stability, disdain and empathy, persuasion and commanding character. Any guesses as to which one showed what? Power At Speech is about voice and speech. Because people speak in automated patterns that arise from the way they are … More Clinton and Trump: Tale of Two Leaders

Bill Clinton, the optimistic raconteur

Yes, it was the first time a man took the stage as the spouse of a presidential candidate. And yes, it was the first time a former President endorsed a presidential candidate who happened to be his wife. Remarkable, indeed, because the credibility coming from a President and the intimacy coming from a husband were intertwined in the same … More Bill Clinton, the optimistic raconteur

What Melania didn’t copy

“Ninety-three percent of the speech is completely different,” said Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. Indeed, the differences between Melania Trump’s and Michelle Obama’s speeches go beyond common clichés and word choice. Ms. Trump cast the impression of someone who’s comfortable being watched but not so much being listened to. She read the best she could – squinting at the … More What Melania didn’t copy

Ted Cruz, speech hero

The Good Student Glenn Beck wrote in The Blaze that Ted Cruz remembers word for word everything he hears. He has an unbeatable “audiographic memory.” I hear Ted Cruz speaking and a bearded, outraged Charlton Heston holding two tablets of stone appears above my head, his long tunic floating in the wind. Mr. Cruz’s rhetoric [“the art or skill of speaking … More Ted Cruz, speech hero