Donald J. Trump, reckless defiance

Everybody should fear Donald J. Trump. Not only the GOP candidates, as Paul Waldman wrote Wednesday. And for more than the seven reasons Matt Latimer listed last month. What makes of him a seriously frightening candidate is inside him: it’s the self-made-man-unrestrained-ease he oozes at the lectern. Since he has nothing to loose, he acts, as Andrew Ginsburg noted Monday, as … More Donald J. Trump, reckless defiance

Jon Stewart, speechlessly genuine

In Jon Stewart’s speech I hear six empty cups of coffee by noon, and maybe some cigarettes. I hear a good-natured choleric, this guy who’s enraged, delighted or appalled by things; the one who passionately engages in red-face, hoarse-voice arguments with his dearest friends over shining meat and balloon glasses of red wine. He shouts, groans, shrieks. Growls. Contorts his face, stands up, leans forward, falls to the floor. … More Jon Stewart, speechlessly genuine